Sleecap Capsule

Quality Sleep Assured

Indications :

- Sleep disturbances due to insomnia

- Depression

- Anxiety neurosis

- Phobia

- Hysteria

- Epilepsy

- Brain Fatigue

- Sleeping disorder



Clinically proven for Insomnia

Acts on GABA-A Receptor

Gives sedative Effect

Relieves Stress & relaxes Muscles

Gives Relaxation after sleep

Safe for Long term usage.

Composition :

  Contents  Strength
   Nardostachys Jatamansi Extract (Jatamansi)    100 Mg
   Convolvulus Pluricaulis Extract (Shankhapushpi)    150 Mg
   Withania Somnifera Extract (Ashwagandha)    50 Mg
   Rauwolfia Serpentina Extract (Sarpagandha)    25 Mg



2 Capsules before 2 hours of sleep Upto 3 Months

Disclaimer: For further information contact your treating physician/doctor. Information provided here is not a recommendation for the treatment of disease.